We are excited to share some great news with you. For the past few years we’ve been expressing our need for a new home for Cobb Pregnancy Services. We hoped to either build or buy a larger facility to further our vision of helping more women, providing more medical services, and saving more babies.
Praise the Lord because today we closed on that new building!
The new facility is actually TWO, single story buildings located on Roswell Street in downtown Marietta and are just blocks from the Marietta Square. One building is 7000 square feet and the second building is 3000 square feet. There is plenty of parking and lots and lots of space! We are thrilled!
Here’s even better news. Because of our generous and faithful supporters, we were able to pay cash for the building and remain debt free. Thank YOU to everyone who has given so generously to make this happen.
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There is work to be done to make it move-in ready, but we are confident that we will be in the building early 2016. Please watch for updates via email and Facebook to learn how you can help.
For now we do have one need. While we were able to buy the building, we did have to use a large amount of our cash reserves. This means that our year-end donations are more important than ever. As you are making your final decisions regarding charitable giving, please consider Cobb Pregnancy Services. You can mail your donation, or donate online HERE.
Again, thank you so much for your faithfulness!


Our Walk for Life was held on Saturday, October 3rd, and while it was a wet walk, it was a TRIUMPHANT walk.


Over 250 people came to Mt. Calvary Baptist Church to walk with us. Together, we walked up Dallas Highway to the local abortion clinic, and prayed on the sidewalk. We prayed that the abortion clinic in our neighborhood would close, that women would be drawn to Cobb Pregnancy Services and choose life, that the Church would be bold in proclaiming the truth about abortion, that post-abortive women would be healed, and that God would have His way in our community.

We also raised funds that will help us continue to provide free services to the women of Cobb County – more than $76,000 dollars!

 The Walk is over but the fight is not!

The $90,000 dollar goal was not made arbitrarily. It is the number we believe we need based on our services and budget.  We reached 86 percent of our goal, and just need a little less than $13,000.00 dollars to be at 100% There is still time to give.

If you were a walker who did not meet your goal, please continue in your quest for support. If you were not able to walk with us, but would like to support CPS, please do so.


The giving site is still available. Click HERE.

Please continue to pray with us and for us. There are abortions happening a few short miles from us. Pray that these women would come to CPS and choose life!

Thank you for all of your support.


Lori Parker

Executive Director


If you were one of the 200+ attendees at our recent banquet that came early and stood in line to get your photo taken with the Duggars, we have good news!



The photos are now online HERE.

Once you get there, click on the thumbnail to see a larger version, then right click to download to your computer. It’s that easy!

Thanks again for coming to our banquet and for supporting LIFE!



7 Fun Facts about The Duggars and CPS

The Cobb Pregnancy Services fundraising banquet, featuring TLC’s favorite reality couple, MIchelle and Bob Duggar is being held April 30, 2015. The response to the Duggars has been wonderful as it seems most everyone has seen the show at least once.


How does this awesome family stack up against CPS?


1. If the Duggars ate rolls with every dinner, they would consume 7,665 rolls per year.


On Mondays, not only does CPS give the Bread of Life, but actual bread! Thanks to the good folks at Panera Bread, we give our clients bread, bagels and more!


2. When the Duggar siblings chaperone dates with Jill and Jessa, they charge $5 per hour for their services.


CPS charges our clients NOTHING. All of our services are free!


3. The Duggars go through roughly 7,000 diapers a year. For all 18 kids, they have used more than 150,000.


CPS gives diapers as part of their Learn-To-Earn program. Each year, they give away an estimated total of 20,000!


4.  At their busiest, the Duggars were doing over 25 diaper changes a day.


At Cobb Pregnany Services’ busiest, we did 4700 pregnancy tests in one year!


5. The Duggars last house had only 2 bathrooms for 16 children.


CPS is bursting at the seams! Five people share two offices, our counseling rooms are full, parking can be a real issue. We estimate we could see 25% more clients with a larger space.


6. Jim Bob makes a living renting out commercial real estate properties.


Cobb Pregnancy Services takes no government assistance and charge nothing to our clients. The only way we are able to serve so many people in our community is because Godly people remember us in their giving.


7. The Duggars are going to be great speakers!

CPS is a great ministry! To host a table, or register to come to the banquet, simply go to and follow the link!


I came in terrified (as most).  Seventeen, obviously not married and in the midst of a lifestyle consisting finding the next good time.  My boyfriend and I discussed the course of action if this was a pregnancy, and needless to say a baby did not fit into our party lifestyle.  I came into the Center abortion minded.  I cannot remember my advocates name, in fact I cannot remember much of the meeting, I remember that she gave me brochures to read and I watched a video.  I do remember she prayed over me (I say over me because, I tried really hard not to listen and not to participate in the prayer because my mind was set to do the unthinkable and end the precious life I had been given), I don’t remember her exact words but I remember the prayer was about loving me, not judging me, a prayer for a discerning heart.  I remember leaving there and making an appointment for an abortion.

A couple of days after my visit to the Center, I was at a party.  I remember being there and it was almost like an out of body experience.  I was looking at myself, and my fellow party goers and I was thinking I want to throw away my gift from God to continue this existence, to continue this lifestyle?  I remember walking out of that party alone (not telling anyone I was leaving) and attempting the 5 or so mile walk home in the rain.  A nice lady picked me up (not advocating hitchhiking, but I was exhausted), she took me by Fat Boy and bought me a strawberry milkshake and I told her my situation, she offered no advice just listened without judgement and took me home.

At 6:23p on February 4, 1992 at 18 years old I welcomed my blessing, the one who saved me from myself, my precious daughter.  It was not an easy road, but nothing worth doing is easy right?  I got my GED while pregnant.  The biological father and I did not make it, however I did find a Daddy for my baby girl and we will be married 20 years this December (he adopted her and made his Daddship legal in 1996) I graduated Cum Laude from North Georgia College & State University 14 years later.

So to all of your current and past advocates, thank you.  Thank you for your love and prayer.  I pray my advocate felt peace knowing she poured into me the love of Jesus Christ and with that I was able to muster the courage to accept the gift I had been given.

Yesterday was my first training day at Whispering Hope (pregnancy crisis Center in Cumming, GA where I live) to become a client advocate.  Prayer appreciated:)

Reprinted by permission.