The story of Trina

Trina is a good girl! Having lived in Idaho all her life, moving to Georgia to attend college was a new experience. Her parents loved their daily phone calls from Trina and were really excited when they found out she had a boyfriend. Trina seldom dated in high school. The family were making plans to fly her and her boyfriend Chris home for the holidays.

Chris was older and more experienced than Trina. It didn’t take long for him to convince her that sex is a natural part of a mature relationship.

Trina’s joy was replaced with absolute panic when she found out that she was pregnant and Chris had hidden the fact that he was married all in the same week! The thought of calling her parents and telling them about Chris and about her pregnancy made her ill. Her college roommate was the first to tell her that she didn’t have to tell anyone; an abortion would take care of the problem.

Trina came to CPS with every intention of getting her pregnancy test verified and going to the abortion clinic but after speaking with a loving counselor; Trina realized that if she knew abortion was wrong before she got pregnant, it was wrong now. We all knew that seeing her baby on the ultrasound would compel her to do the right thing. No one was prepared for what we saw – TWINS! Seeing two beating hearts brought Trina back to her despair. What Trina needed most was the love of her family and after much encouragement, she called them. She found the unconditional love of a mother and father!

In the spring, two precious babies will be welcomed into a loving family. Had God not brought Trina through the doors of CPS; the outcome would have been tragically different.

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