I came in terrified (as most).  Seventeen, obviously not married and in the midst of a lifestyle consisting finding the next good time.  My boyfriend and I discussed the course of action if this was a pregnancy, and needless to say a baby did not fit into our party lifestyle.  I came into the Center abortion minded.  I cannot remember my advocates name, in fact I cannot remember much of the meeting, I remember that she gave me brochures to read and I watched a video.  I do remember she prayed over me (I say over me because, I tried really hard not to listen and not to participate in the prayer because my mind was set to do the unthinkable and end the precious life I had been given), I don’t remember her exact words but I remember the prayer was about loving me, not judging me, a prayer for a discerning heart.  I remember leaving there and making an appointment for an abortion.

A couple of days after my visit to the Center, I was at a party.  I remember being there and it was almost like an out of body experience.  I was looking at myself, and my fellow party goers and I was thinking I want to throw away my gift from God to continue this existence, to continue this lifestyle?  I remember walking out of that party alone (not telling anyone I was leaving) and attempting the 5 or so mile walk home in the rain.  A nice lady picked me up (not advocating hitchhiking, but I was exhausted), she took me by Fat Boy and bought me a strawberry milkshake and I told her my situation, she offered no advice just listened without judgement and took me home.

At 6:23p on February 4, 1992 at 18 years old I welcomed my blessing, the one who saved me from myself, my precious daughter.  It was not an easy road, but nothing worth doing is easy right?  I got my GED while pregnant.  The biological father and I did not make it, however I did find a Daddy for my baby girl and we will be married 20 years this December (he adopted her and made his Daddship legal in 1996) I graduated Cum Laude from North Georgia College & State University 14 years later.

So to all of your current and past advocates, thank you.  Thank you for your love and prayer.  I pray my advocate felt peace knowing she poured into me the love of Jesus Christ and with that I was able to muster the courage to accept the gift I had been given.

Yesterday was my first training day at Whispering Hope (pregnancy crisis Center in Cumming, GA where I live) to become a client advocate.  Prayer appreciated:)

Reprinted by permission.

woman_cryingThis past week, a counselor came into the office and asked for prayer. Her client had just told her that she was seeking an abortion because of a rape. How do you help a person see past the pain of their own situation and help them see the life they carry as a victim too? How do you love someone and show compassion, and ask them to do something that they find painful? By sharing the TRUTH. Genesis 50:20 says, As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good…

Does God really take the evil that man does, and make good out of it? Valerie Gatto, Miss Pennsylvania in the 2014 Miss USA pageant would say, YES.

At a very young age, Gatto’s mother told her, “[S]omething bad happened to me. A very bad man hurt me, but God gave me you.” Gatto’s mother was just nineteen years old when a man attacked her on a busy street, pulled her behind a building, and raped her at knifepoint. Her attacker planned to murder her once he had raped her. The lights of a passing car became her saving grace when they startled the man, allowing her to escape.

Gatto went on to say that keeping her allowed her mother to deal with the painful experience of the rape. Hard to believe that something wonderful can come out of something so terrible? Not when you know the nature of our God.

To read more about Valerie’s story, go to

Editors note: Less than 1% of abortions are performed on children conceived by rape.

Hot Car DeathsWe’re hitting the hottest part of the summer, and unfortunately, regular news of child hot car deaths. In 2013, there were 44 in the United States. This year, there have already been 13.


While criminal negligence or intent is certainly present in some of these cases, the vast majority are terrible accidents on the part of loving parents. The forgetfulness of a moment with a lifetime of consequences.


These tragedies grip the public, as they should: A tiny life cut short before it’s barely begun. There’s invariably outcry, horror, and a desire for the parent to be severely punished.


But there’s a second, quieter tragedy that lies behind these headlines.


Roll the calendar back a few short months or years to the point when the child was eight or ten weeks along in utero. If a parent had chosen to end the life of one of these children at that point it would have been legal and easily justified. No police. No news cameras. No outrage.


That’s what happens every single day in Cobb County. In fact, nearly 4,000 abortions are performed here each year. These deaths are not accidental. They are intentional. The women who walk through the doors of the abortion clinic may not be thrilled about the prospect of an abortion, but they are scared, unprepared, inconvenienced, ill-equipped.


They are told—probably kindly and gently—that the child they carry is not truly a human being. That their own “rights” and lifestyle trump all else. That it would be tragic to give birth to a child they couldn’t properly care for.


So they go ahead an end a life.


While our culture understands the grief of a parent who loses a six-month old or a toddler, these women are given no justification for grieving, no legitimacy to the fact they have ended a life and lost a child.


Women who have had an abortion are told it’s a small thing. An event that doesn’t have to change their life in any way.


It’s a lie.


I’ve spoken with many women who walk through the doors of Cobb Pregnancy Services, carrying the wounds of a previous abortion. Some recognize it. Some don’t. But none of them understood at the time of their abortion the gravity of their choice. The underlying grief and guilt that can’t be excised until it’s acknowledged. The broken heart that can only be healed by God’s mercy.


This is the heart and mission of Cobb Pregnancy Services: to help women understand the choice they’re facing. To provide alternatives. To help them heal from choices made in the past.


In truth, an abortion carries the full, devastating weight that’s so clearly seen in the tragic death of an older child.


But the eyes of our culture are blind to it.

The Adopt-A-Family Christmas program is going well, but we still have SEVEN children that need sponsors! Some of the seven have siblings that have been picked and we don’t want any of them to be left out.

Please choose a child from the list below, then call CPS at 770-590-9361 so we can mark them off the list.

The deadline for picking a child is Wednesday, the 11th. The presents must be purchased and dropped off at CPS by Saturday December 14th so that the parents can pick up the gifts on Monday the 16th.
Please don’t wrap the gifts, but include a tag with the info below.
The child’s number
and the donor’s name
Let’s bless these kids!



150005-2      Alejandro, 10 years old, boy

Nerf gun


Shoes size 3

Shirts and pants size 10



170005-2     David, 8 years old, boy


Battery remote control car


170005-3      Jorje, 4 years old, boy



Police Car

Dump truck


220007-1      Precious, 13 years old, girl

Holiday Barbie

Diary with key, pet kind

Colored Pens

Make up


240002-2      Demonta, 9 years old, boy



Wrestling men


330005-4     Lamarie, 1 year old, girl


Learning toy


330005-5      Lemonira, 7 months old, girl


Stuffed animal toy

Currently the fertility rate in the U.S. dipped to a low of 1.89 children per woman which is well below the 2.1 children per woman replacement rate.  While the decisions of many women to have fewer children later in life contributes to the decline, an abortion rate of approximately 1.2 million each year since 1973 has also been a major factor. Fewer births mean fewer young people working and paying taxes that support a growing number of retired senior citizens.  Whether Christian or not, abortion effects everyone.

According to the Washington Post, after decades of declining birth rates in Japan, Seiko Noda, a legislator in Japan’s House of Representatives has suggested that Japan consider banning abortion.  Her proposal probably had nothing to do with her faith or her stand on abortion. It was a common sense approach to a problem that is plaguing most of the developed world, a depletion of our greatest asset  – people.

As the battle for the unborn intensifies, the prolife position is being attacked as merely a religious point of view.  The fact that over 55 million people aborted since 1973 are missing from our work force and our lives, goes beyond anyone’s religious convictions. Whether it was the person God pre-destined to cure cancer or someone who was supposed to work at the local supermarket, it is people that bring progress, and it is a resource that, once taken, can never be replaced.