Friends for Life – Annual Fundraising Banquet to be held April 30th

We Need You Now More Than Ever

Due to COVID-19 and the recommendations of health officials regarding social distancing, we’ve had to cancel our biggest fundraiser of the year. This could have devastating consequences and severely limit our impact for life.

Fear of COVID-19, job loss, and an uncertain economy has increased the number of panicked

pregnant women wanting abortions.  The doors of Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are wide open to welcome them!  At a time when more women than ever are seeking abortion, we must be able to continue to meet the need of our community. To do this, we need your help.

Despite having no fundraiser, we are calling on you to give like never before. I urge you to walk in faith and support First Care Women’s Clinic at the same level that you would if you were sitting at our banquet table. Please donate today!

For the sake of mothers who will live with the regret that they aborted their child in a time of panic, for the sake of unborn children who need the prolife community more than ever – please give

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