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Story submitted by a client

A little over a year ago I started feeling like something strange was going on in my body. I wrote off the fatigue and listlessness as a sickness, or something. I started to get scared and when my cycle was a day or two late, I got terrified. We were too poor; I wanted to go back to school; my boyfriend and I just got engaged and were planning our wedding. There were so many things we were trying to do at the moment. We didn’t have time to even think about a pregnancy.

Two in-home pregnancy tests later and I was bawling on our bed, waiting for my fiancé to come home from work, trying to figure out some way to tell him. We wanted to be absolutely certain, but we didn’t have the money or the insurance needed to get examined. Thankfully, I found Cobb Pregnancy Services. I found out they offered sonograms, and I signed up to get one. My fiancé came with me that morning.

As the technician walked us back to our room, she was excitingly telling us stories of the women she had examined. She made us feel comfortable and easy about the procedure. As I lay on the table, she bubbled on about the woman right before me being pregnant with twins and how exciting it was to see something like that. She instantly found our little baby, a tiny little smudge on the computer monitor. He was so perfect and tiny, a little jellybean.
We watched him for a few minutes and the technician started getting things wrapped up when she stopped and said, “Would you look at that.” My heart stopped. “There’s two of them in there. Two twins back to back in one day. Amazing.” I have to admit, I started crying.

My identical twin boys are now 5 months old: Thaddeus and Theodore. They’re beautiful and the beautiful women at Cobb Pregnancy let me see them first!

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