God changes the hearts of abortion-minded women and men through Cobb Pregnancy Services and saves the lives of unborn children. Here is how the Lord worked in one of our clients, Domonique

I was 23: without a job, without a car, without an education. The father of my two-year-old was in jail and I was only going to be able to stay in my mother’s house for four more months. Then, I found out that I was two months pregnant. I didn’t know what to do–I didn’t know how I was going to handle another child, let alone support it financially. I was terrified.

I’ve always been against abortions, but I was stuck. I thought if I told my mother, she would force me to move right away. I had nothing and nowhere to go. As much as I didn’t want to do it, I thought abortion was my only choice.

I decided to go to Cobb Pregnancy to make sure the Dollar Store test I had taken was accurate… it was. But while I was there, I met Anne and Rebecca. They listened to my story without judging me. They supported me when I didn’t have anyone else. And, they helped me make the best decision of my life.

I eventually told my mother about the pregnancy because I needed a ride to the doctor. Instead of kicking me out, she gave me an extra year as long as I got a job, went back to school, and began saving up for a car. I’ve now done all of those things.

And… I had my son Kylar on April 12, 2012 (just three days before my birthday). He has been a complete blessing to me. I have to thank Anne and Rebecca for welcoming me, listening to me, and supporting me. Kylar and I are forever grateful.Dominique


From all of us here at CPS, thank you for making it possible for us to minister to those who need it most!

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