Story of Laura and John Thorton

Please find attached a couple of Wedding photos from our Special Day on March 23rd, 2013.

The Moving Forward Class really helped us move past the few obstacles that we had left in our relationship that was keeping us from “moving forward.” Communication being the key factor, also, understanding boundaries and respecting where we both were concerning our personal boundaries. Learning about the genetic differences between the sexes, and the different ways that we are wired to think, process and communicate were very insightful. The class also opened up dialogue between us and we’ve implemented many things that we learned in class into our marriage. Keeping God at the Center of our relationship is the most important factor of it all!!

Thanks again for your mentorship, guidance and friendship throughout this process. The kindness and generosity of Cobb Pregnancy Services will soon not be forgotten.

God Bless,
Laura & John

Thornton Wedding Thornton Wedding 2013-03-23

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