Why I Support Cobb Pregnancy Services


Grace and I began volunteering at Cobb Pregnancy Center in September 2008. Our commitment to be actively engaged in pro-life ministry came from our own personal experience as the parents of adopted children.


After being married for only three months, my wife was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease that was so severe she was advised not to get pregnant. We began to look at adoption. The adoption process was difficult for us because I was in the Airforce and we rarely stayed anywhere much longer than 3 years. With so many pregnant women aborting their children, domestic adoptions take longer.


We opted to adopt through an International agency and while stationed in Hawaii, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter from a Korean orphanage. I can still remember how excited we were to hold our 5 month old daughter in our arms for the first time. A few years later we adopted another beautiful daughter from Korea as well.


It was after the 2nd adoption that Grace and I realized how precious life is. In 2005 we moved to Georgia to be close to our daughter, Melissa, and her three children — our youngest daughter is a field hockey coach at Temple University in Philadelphia. We began attending North Metro Church here. Grace met Lori Parker at a Women’s Day meeting and got information about Cobb Pregnancy Services.  It was news we were longing for – a Christian group that provides alternatives to abortions. She learned that CPS needed some volunteers and a computer guru. I had just retired from my job and had been using computers since 1980 so I qualified as a quasicomputer guru and now had the time to do volunteer work.


We are reminded over and over in our walk with God that no child is ever unwanted. God has made that perfectly clear to us. If abortions had been practiced in South Korea, then our children might not ever been born.  Fortunately, the Korean respect for the sanctity of life led their mothers to leave them at Police stations where they would be put in foster care and adopted. Every day that we work at CPS we see God’s power and mercy as volunteers counsel with women and provide alternatives to abortions in a loving and caring Christian way.


We’re amazed at the things that happened to bring us to Georgia, to North Metro Church, to know Lori Parker. It’s an amazing road that God has had us travel!


Looking back, we can see how we were divinely pre-destined to be the parents of our adopted children. God used a major trial in our lives to bring them to us and to ultimately bring us to Cobb Pregnancy Services. God shows us how special and unique every human being is by bringing special and unique people into our lives. All we have to do is open our eyes and hearts. The unborn have no voice. As Christians we are obligated to be their voice. Please join use in the fight for the unborn though the ministry at Cobb Pregnancy Services.

Mike Janney

Why I Support Cobb Pregnancy Services

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